Thank You Starbucks

2365380736_3bd420ce3fI have been wanting to post this for a while now but when you are working full-time, going to school full-time, marriage, and dealing with a serious illness in the family – well, it is hard to do the small things.

I wanted to give a big shout out and a huge thank you to the Starbucks staff on the corner of Fulton Avenue and Cottage Way in Sacramento.  The reason why?  My Mom.  My Mom is currently battling stage 3 Melanoma cancer where there are not any good treatments for her i.e., no Interferon and offered her to be in a ‘case study’ where she may or may not get a placebo.  So it is a 50/50 wait and see game at this point.  Scary? The answer is yes.

While our Mom was in the hospital, we discovered that she had kept some of the Starbucks clear cups (they were cleaned of course) with kind words written on them to my Mom.  We asked our Mom after her surgery what the deal was with these cups?  I want to let you all know my Mom is a kind woman who can make friends with ANYONE.  She has the gift of gab.  Well – apparently this is a really nice crew that works at this location and apparently Mom had developed a friendships with several of the staff.

Once we got Mom home, and she was cleared for coffee drinks (no sugar at first) – either I or my two sisters would go get her drinks.  My experience was ordering the drink and the gal behind the counter said “Is this for Suzanne?”  They knew I was getting Mom’s drink but were confused about why there was no sugar being ordered.  It was at that point during several Starbucks visits that either I or the sisters would advise the Starbucks crew of Mom’s status. We would bring Mom’s drinks home, let Mom know they missed her etc.  You would think that I would have looked at the cups post surgery….but I have been so out of my mind on Cancerwatch, so there is that.

Well, I finally did and I have to say – the staff wrote some of the most kind, uplifting and positive words to my Mom on those cups.  The staff at Starbucks took the time of their busy workday to communicate to my Mom since she could drive until literally this weekend.  They didn’t have to do it, but they did.  It meant the world to Mom and I really think it helped her knowing they were rooting for her.

Again a big thank you to the Fulton Avenue/Cottage Way crew.  It really meant a lot to Mom and to myself and sisters as well.  Big props to the Sacramento Starbucks crew.


**Don’t forget to wear sunscreen daily people**


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