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Population problems do adversely affect third world countries in a number of ways.  This post will discuss a few issues that are currently facing the Earth and the population currently.  Carl Haub from the Population Reference Bureau states in July 2012 that the “world population grew to 7.06 billion in mid-2012 after passing the 7 billion mark in 2011.”  (Haub, 2012) This is due in part to high birth rates and a younger population in developing countries.  Haub also states that by 2025 that “deaths will exceed births in developed countries” (Haub, 2012) and that is the first time that will ever happen in history.  That is a staggering thought.

Along with this population explosion come many problems.  Environmentalists have been stating for many years that with population, comes a loss of the Earth’s resources.  Forests, fish, climate change, atmosphere depletion by greenhouse gases come hand in hand with population growth.  Since 1950, eighty percent of the rainforest is gone and with it many of species.  (Population Connection)  Oddly enough, the population of the developed countries uses more of the worlds resources than the third world countries.

The depletion of resources includes water as well.  The World Bank states that at least “two billion people lack adequate sanitation facilities to protect from water-borne disease.”  (Earth Talk) The United Nations states “95 percent of world’s cities dump raw sewage into water supplies.”  (Earth Talk) This causes health issues for people drinking such unsanitary water.  Plus developed nations build in arid-dry lands (California) which causes a huge stress on water supply systems in the United States.

Lack of food has been an issue for developing countries as most countries do not have the infrastructure for agriculture as many developed countries such as the United States.  Men and women would need to be shown proven methods of growing food in their lands that does not harm the land in order to feed their families.  However this education is usually not available unless assisted by a charity or nonprofit group.

Finally, women play an integral part in population growth in third world countries.  Many women do not have access to birth control methods and or lack of any medical treatment.  If women in these countries had access to birth control and the education behind these methods, then women would have the ability to decide if and when they choose to have a child.  (Population Connection)


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