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I won Powerball today and other ramblings.

Written April 28, 2013.

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I figured that would get someone’s attention.  I did and I didn’t.  I didn’t win $160 Million but I did win $3.00.  Not bad in my estimation.  I think I can buy a tall Starbucks GTL.  Not gym, tan, laundry but green tea lemonade.  Okay, let’s move on.  I sound crazy and rambling.

It’s been close to three weeks since I’ve written anything.  Actually, today is the first day since my last post that I’ve been able to focus on anything.  I came down with Strep Throat (gross), Sinus Infection, then Pneumonia…and now – I am in a last stage of Pleurisy.  How can anyone focus when getting hammered by the worst virus of civilization?  I have to say, it’s been the sickest I’ve been in a long time.  When I am that ill, I can’t do anything.  No focus, drive, ambition.  Zip, Nada, Zero.

Yes, of course my illness sidetracked my entire diet, exercise, vitamins, supplement routine.  That’s what pissed me off the most.  I tried in vain to stick the diet as much as I could…but when I am that sick, I do not eat a lot.  I have to admit I was pretty depressed about it.  I want to get a bit healthier and lose weight.   I felt bad for my family, friends and co-workers who had to hear my whine about it.  However, it was pretty rough so oh well – deal. 

Whew! That felt good. So I start all over again tomorrow morning.  I am just glad that this illness is almost done and over.  I hate getting sick (who does?) and it really put a cramp into everything these past few weeks.  Yes, I will be doing the weekly weigh in, measurements and BMI index to share with my readers.  Being honest about what I am doing with my readers will keep me 110% focused on what I need to do.  That’s my M.O.
I still wish I had won that Powerball.*