Personal Stories

Rambling Tuesday *Written April 2014*

As promised, I said to my readers that I was going to write everyday – and here I am.  I decided to take my one hour of solitude I get five days a week to write something.  It may not be spectacular or fabulous, but I am determined to do it.

So writing during my one hour (guess what that is) is kind of weird.  I can hear people talking about miscellaneous things such as candy (it’s like a convenience store at my office), some people needing a Xanax (I don’t take them so don’t even start) or talking about current happenings (such as that idiot owner from the L.A. Clippers), or what they are having for lunch today.   I am eating last night’s salad and a box lunch (Meh) of fettuccine.  I need to take sandwiches instead – getting tired of the ole’ microwave lunch.

Now, I will say when I woke up this morning – I thought I had my day mapped out.  I actually have four calendars.  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment.  The date book (paper), my Gmail calendar, the outlook calendar (work) and the Day in the Life calendar (work again).  Unfortunately, thus far I have dealt with nothing but reports, complaints and issues (fires) thus far and it’s not even 1 PM!  That’s what I get for planning to the point of being an absolute control freak.

In my posts each day – I plan to show you all, my readers – what I am focused on, obsessed with, want but have no payola to buy it or what I’ve found on the cheap that is really cool…’s what I like to call: Kellyaddiction… is what I am obsessed with today:

Pan Am Bags – remember Pan Am Airways?  I found this bag in my 1969 VW Bug – but need to find a professional cleaner because it was in the truck for a good 30-40 years.  Here is a cool site to check out “newer” Pan Am Bags!

Have a Great rest of your day!