Personal Stories


My Mom – Suzanne

Since it is Mother’s Day and everyone is appreciating their Moms….I thought I would share some thoughts about my Mom.  How in God’s green Earth that she has tolerated me for over 46 years is a testament to her utter patience.  I would have to say there must have been times where she may have thought “and why did I do this again?”  I know that I’ve had those thoughts about my Son from time to time…..and it is normal to do so.

My Mom had three daughters – yes three.  I was the oldest and my other Sister was not born until ten years later.  The youngest came three years after the second.  So there is definitely a gap between age wise between myself and my two other Sisters.  Yes, we are from the same Dad…..just planning was not there I think.  I’d have to ask my Mom about that one.  How she managed with three daughters – I have no clue.  I could only handle one.

My Best Friend

So, first off – my Mom is awesome.  I am sure that your Mom is too.  She is part of the generation where one was a stay at home Mom.  She took care of us daughters while Dad was at work.  That is super hard work.  I think that women these days look down on other women who choose to stay home these days with their children.  I wish I could have done that when my Son was born but it just wasn’t in the cards financially.  Stay at home Mom’s have a tough job.  I choose to call them Domestic Engineers.   If a woman in 2014 wants to stay home with her Mom – GOOD FOR HER.  Let’s stop that whole tearing women down thing and applaud those who make that choice.

I recall that in Kindergarten, I was difficult.   I NEVER cleaned my room until I was in like….oh sixth grade.  My poor Mom was constantly pulling her hair out about that.  So I remember while in Kindergarten that I wanted a sand box in my backyard like at school.  My Mom and Dad – no go.  So I decided that I was going to put sand in my socks and then hide the sand underneath my bed so I could make my own.   One can just imagine the reaction my Mom had finding sand underneath my bed.  Poor woman.

Sue, Laredo Road
Coolest 60’s Bob Ever….

My Mom really tried to get me to learn how to cook.  I mean she TRIED HARD.  My Nana Kay was an amazing cook and canner.  My Mom has this amazing Mac and Cheese dish she makes that is my most favorite on this Earth.  Mom tried to get me to bake (I only liked to decorate the cookies), cook eggs (that I still can’t master well), and she tried to get me to prep the food.  I hate prepping!!!!  I guess the cooking gene was passed down to the middle Sister and her Daughter.  I just didn’t have it in me….but by God that woman tried her best to domesticate me.  Just didn’t work – but not by any fault of her own.  Her Daughter (me) is incredibly stubborn.  If I don’t want to do something – my heels become cement in the sand.  No recovery.

My Mom has been there for every high and low in my life.  Gosh, she supported me when I decided not to go to my High School graduation because I just wanted to be “done” with High School.  I know she probably would have wanted to see me walk across the stage – but I was DONE with school.  She was there when I moved out on my own and developed three months of insufferable chicken pox.  She was there at my first and second wedding.  She clearly preferred the second wedding because she loves my Husband dearly.  She was there for the birth of my son, my first divorce and God knows what other drama I go through.

Coolest Mom Ever!

She has the best heart and accepts a person for what they are warts and all.  She has incredible wisdom that I wish I had when it comes to people’s feelings or relationships.  She can talk to anyone with ease.  If anyone hurt my Mom, I would go absolutely ape-shit ballistic.  I would be completely lost without my Mom as she is my best friend, my rock – she is my Mom, Suzanne.

~ K.G.