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Hire Dancing Dan! Save Street Sign Professionals!

Dancing Dan
Dancing Dan – Sacramento

During the height of the housing boom, there was a man that worked here and there on Howe Avenue in Sacramento.  He would wear super hero outfits and dance on corners of Howe Avenue to get drivers to stop and go to the store he was promoting.  He was a sign guy.  His name is “Dancing Dan.”

Dancing Dan was fun to watch.  He would be jamming out to whatever was playing on his headphones, twirling around with his sign and was able to get everyone’s attention.  A lot of motorists would honk, and at times – he would put his sign down and put his hands together as if to pray and place up to the sky to thank God for the job he had.  Dan was a muscular kind of guy, extremely athletic.  Let’s face it there are those who just barely wave a sign – and there are those like Dan that make it an art.  Something fun to watch.  I appreciate a little fun like that while stopped in traffic.

Once the housing boom went B-U-S-T,  I did not see a lot of Dancing Dan.  Now in all fairness, I worked in another office for a period of years so I didn’t have the opportunity to see a lot of him.  However I did frequently visit my family in the area and noticed that Dancing Dan was not around.  I looked forward to seeing him at Enterprise Drive and Howe Avenue or Fair Oaks Blvd and Howe Avenue doing his thing – dancing and making motorist smile.

I recently moved back to a larger office on Howe Avenue, and noticed on my commute into work – that he is now working again on Howe Avenue.  However, it’s a quite different “Dancing Dan.”  At first, he didn’t even have a sign.  He wore his old Superman or Spiderman shirt over his clothes and he looks a bit haggard.  He wore a huge fanny pack and had a bicycle.  My first thought was …. oh cool, there is Dan.   However, I thought again – this isn’t the Dancing Dan I know.  He is no longer working in the best part of Howe Avenue – but at Marconi and Howe.  I think hard times have hit Dan…..but he still continues to dance.   Two weeks ago, he was able to get his own sign made so he can gain employment.

It is my hope that he will gain employment so he doesn’t have to work on the corner of Marconi Avenue and Howe Avenue anymore.   However, what I have seen as of recent that is not helping Dan’s cause is the weird female mannequins who are charged by a car battery on many corners in Sacramento.  I understand the fact that this is an inexpensive way to get foot traffic to your business, but at what cost?  I personally would prefer a “Dancing Dan” or a Moving Pickle – than seeing this impersonal job taking piece of machinery on the corner of my local streets.  In fact, I wish these machines were banned in the hope that people see that REAL people need jobs – just like “Dancing Dan.”  Let’s not take away jobs from people who really need them.  Again, seeing real people being creative with signs is more fun and productive than seeing them homeless on the streets of Sacramento.

So if you are someone who needs a “sign person” for your small business to promote your business in Sacramento, call this guy – Dancing Dan.  I tried in vain to catch his phone number on the photo….so if you can read it, which I had a difficult time doing so – great.  OR stop by Marconi Avenue and Howe Avenue on any given morning between 7AM to 9AM, Dan will be out there doing his thing …… Dancing.


*One more photo of Dan to HIRE him!*

Dancing Dan
Hire Dancing Dan!!!!