Personal Stories

Since February 9th.



I just realized that I have not posted anything here since February 9th.  Now that doesn’t mean that I am not writing, because I am.  However, not in the context of this site.  Still going to college, which demands my time and my …… here it is: writing.  I have to say that I am officially six months in (wow)….and it is exhausting.  I like it most times, sometimes I don’t.

The demands are difficult due to time.  God damn it, it’s always time that escapes me.  I find that anything that I wanted to carry out during the week is pushed to Saturday and Sunday because of school.  Then Saturday and Sunday comes around and I feel like I don’t ever have a day off.  Please note I am still working full-time in a new place three months ago, and I am still learning that too.  Head spinning yet?  Mine has been for months.  Listen, I know in the end ….. it will be good for me.  I will be able to maybe leave this town I live in to much more prosperous opportunities.  It’s just difficult to see past my nose.  Remember…..It’s always about me.

The next few posts today will be items I have written in my classes.  They are dry, but I THINK the material is quite good (It’s about me).  I may sneak in a few bitchy posts not school related about this or that…..that’s if I have time!

Hope my readers have a wonderful Sunday, and I hope you enjoy my little college ditties.