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The Chronicles of Comcast.


Comcast reminds me of an ex-boyfriend who won’t go away.  Comcast is that close talker who gets in your space and has bad breath.  Comcast is that guy at work who never wears deodorant and smells up the office. Comcast is that annoying person on their cell phone at the restaurant, airport, or the movie theater.

Sense a theme here?  Comcast annoys me.  I have yet to have a decent experience with Comcast.  I would love to tell my readers about my ongoing war with Comcast since oh….September 2013.  However, before I go into that story I would like to state the following:

  1. Why does Comcast charge so much just for Internet service?  I mean it.  I know it’s “high speed,”  I get it.  I just find it ridiculous that Comcast is allowed to charge exorbitant prices, just to look at memes on the internet.  Folks, it is of my personal belief that the Internet should be free.  At least, maybe pay a small city tax and have wi-fi throughout the city for everyone.
  2. In September 2012, Comcast laid off over 1,000 employees in call centers in Sacramento, Livermore and Morgan Hill.  I know this because a friend of mine was laid-off.  It didn’t matter if a person had worked 20 years for Comcast, or two years – each employee received the same severance.  It was the “cost of working in California.”  Hmmmm – see number 3.
  3. Every single time I call Comcast, I get “Bob,” “Nancy,” or “Ted.”  The customer service representative is not in California, that is for sure.  I can almost guarantee that they are not working in the United States either.  I find it insulting to know that as people in California are being laid off at Comcast, that someone else in TimBukToo is answering the call that our CA folks should be answering.  Furthermore, I am not a fan of outsourcing at all.  I can’t understand what the Comcast representatives are saying half the time.  Cheap labor is slave labor.

So, to my story:  In September,  2013 I had noticed that we were being charged for a TV box.  I thought to myself, “that’s strange, we don’t have the TV option with Comcast.  We have Dish.”  So I called Comcast.  I realized I had an old TV box in the garage.  They apologized and said they would ship a box to me to return the TV box.  Okay fine.  As long as I don’t have to pay the shipping, I don’t care.  A few days later, I received the shipping box and drove to the local UPS location to have it shipped.

A week later, I see that the charge is still on my bill.  I called them back and said….uh, can you remove this for me?  I returned the TV box.  The Comcast representative apologized again, removed the charge and I promptly paid the bill.   No problem.  Everything was running smoothly.  I even got a small (pennies) price break on my internet service.  Okay great.

Comcast 1
TV Box #2

On October 13, 2013, I received and email that another TV box was on its way from Comcast!  What? Why?  I don’t need it, I didn’t order it.  I got on the online chat option with Comcast as I was at work, advised um…..don’t send the box.  I don’t need the box.   I was told they would cancel the order promptly.  On October 17, 2013, I received another email stating that the box was shipped.  What the……!  I called Comcast again and said, don’t send the box.  I was told that they had yet again, cancelled that shipment.  Removed yet another charge for the TV box off my bill.

The TV Box was on my doorstep three days later.  I thought to myself that this is ridiculous.  They cannot be just this stupid.  I called Comcast, advised that I had received the TV box.  They promptly advised they would send another shipping box and I can send it back.  A few days later, I received the shipping box.  I threw the equipment in the box….and set it in my garage and quite frankly forgot about it.  About 3o days later, I received an e-mail from a collection company reminding to mail the box.  Um, why is Comcast asking a collection company to return the box after they have inconvenienced me  already?  This is the end of November.

That weekend, I decided to drive the TV box to the local Roseville CA Comcast store instead.  The gentleman behind the counter advised, “don’t give this to us.”  I said “Why?”  He said, “Comcast is just going to send you another TV box?”  I said “Really?”  He said “Yes.”  So I went home and put the TV box in the garage.  A week rolls buy and someone from Complete Recovery Collections emails me again.  Comcast wants the box!  I sent an email back to “Steven” advising what has happened and was told by the local office not to return it.  Steven said I had to ship it back.  Okay, fine.  I give up.  I will ship the damn box.  It was shipped on January 6th.

On January 16, 2014 – yes, you guessed it.  I received another email stating that I am being shipped TV box NUMBER THREE. I am not kidding folks.  Sure enough, it is sitting in the original shipping box on my desk at my home.  Here is what I do not understand:  Where are the checks and balances within a company to question why they are sending out TV box after TV box to one location and it is being shipped back every single time?  If a person only has the Internet, then that’s it!! Why continue to send me a damned TV box that I do not need.

TV Box #3

Please note I would love to switch to another provider – but Comcast is the only one with the high speed access that our household needs.  So basically I am stuck with Comcast.

So this is to Comcast:  I am not shipping that box back.  I am not wasting my gas to drive it to the nearest UPS Store.  I will not respond to any emails from your collection hounds when IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT YOUR COMPANY IS SO INEPT!  If Comcast wants the box back, a company representative can stop by my home to pick this thing up.  I am not wasting not one more day, hour or minute on this TV box merry-go-round.

Get it together Comcast!

Story on layoffs:


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  1. We’ve had nothing but issues with Comcast, as well. A few months ago, they sent someone to our door to collect our bill (one month late, as we were aware) in person. When I, a woman home alone, refused to give money to the person at the door with no badge, he threatened me and began screaming obscenities. I promptly called Comcast to find out who the tech was and to advise them to not send him to my household again, as the police would be called. Forty five minutes later, they told me that they did not send him, but that it was their practice to do so. I called the police, but as I’d been on hold for nearly an hour, there was nothing they could do.

    Fast forward to Saturday (2/1/14). We’d called to cancel our service over a month ago because we were to be out of state for over a month. We’d only gotten home Friday night, and had not even had the opportunity to collect our mail when the man who’d threatened me the first time again entered our yard. My neighbors, having witnessed the first incident, advised him to remove himself from our property or they’d call the police. He left, and we again called Comcast. This time we were informed that they did send him, and they sent him last time too. They put in another cancellation order, and we dropped the equipment off at the nearest Xfinity location. If their technician sets foot on our property again, I’m filing charges.


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