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ESPN…..blew it.

Candlestick park aerial view

This is a RARE, and I repeat RARE sports post.  However, this topic has been underneath my skin since last Monday evening.  I had to say SOMETHING.  Do you, my dearest readers, recall the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football?  Yes, my team won the game and I was thrilled.  San Francisco needs to beat Arizona tomorrow (and St. Louis needs to win) so the 49ers can have home field advantage during the playoffs.  But, let’s go back to last Monday.

Here’s the deal:  That was the LAST regular season game at Candlestick Park.  No more, all gone, won’t see another regular season game ever at the Park.  The park was originally the home for the San Francisco Giants, starting in 1960.  The San Francisco 49ers began their residence at the park in 1971.  This park is a big deal.  Not to just the residents of San Francisco, but to anyone who has attended the park as a fan of either team.  It’s a big deal to us Northern Californian’s.  My Twitter and Facebook feed has had a consistent stream about the closing of this park and the beginning of Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara.  Super Bowl 50 will be held at Levi’s stadium in 2016.  Our team and our history is a BIG DEAL.


Now here is my gripe.  Did anyone see any of the half-time on the field?  Did anyone see any specific highlights of the field after the game?  I didn’t.  Why?  Because ESPN sucks.  No half-time show devoted to the history of the San Francisco 49ers, Candlestick Park, the fans….on the air except to hear Chris Berman talk.  What a snooze fest.  We got a few camera shots.  What they should have done is broadcast what was going on in the field – with no interruptions.  No, we had to sit through an extremely boring banter by the sportscasters. ZZZZZZZ!  I recall seeing MAYBE a three-minute tribute to Bill Walsh.  Remember him?  One of the greatest coaches of all time who lead the San Francisco 49ers to three Super Bowl wins.  To date: my team has won five.  Insulting.  Disappointing.  The producer of the show AND the NFL were asleep at the wheel.

I love my team and I realize a LOT of people do not like the 49ers, or San Francisco or Californian’s for that matter.  However, couldn’t ESPN and other top news agencies given us just a few crumbs?  I remember I saw a few highlights after the game and then ESPN went into a full crisis mode about Tony Romo’s back and the Dallas Cowboys.  Um, last time I checked – Romo sucks and so does Dallas (sorry guys).  My very first game was O.J. Simpson’s last game as a 49er in 1979.  I went to the Raiders vs. 49ers pre-season games with my Husband.  Our Park and its history were sidelined to listen to poor Tony Romo.  WHO CARES!?!?


Thank God CBS has the rights to the Super Bowl in 2014 and NOT ESPN….because if the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl this year, god knows what the broadcast would be like.  Maybe the Tony Romo show?  ZZZZZZ.  Get it together ESPN, because that broadcast last Monday was utterly embarrassing.


A crazed 49er fan.