Personal Stories

Spinning a LOT of Plates.


Gosh, it’s almost borderline embarrassing that I haven’t written anything for awhile.  It’s just that I have been SO busy and sometimes it is difficult just to keep up with the littlest of things.  I try my best though.  That’s all I can do….right?  A few things… get readers up to speed.

I am still going to school to finish my degree.  I thought for November and December I would choose some “easy” classes.  American pop culture and environmental sciences.  I thought “oh this will be a breeze.”  I am an idiot.  Not only are the difficult, but they are the most difficult to date.  Homework due on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.  Eeeeek!  It’s Thanksgiving and Christmas season!  Football!  My birthday is the end of this month…..who am I kidding here. #disaster

On top of this, I need to finish work classes (22 hours worth) literally by Monday – yes, please pile it on – I like it.  AND, I left my comfort zone by leaving an office of great friends/peers to take a promotion at a high volume office in another zip code 35 minutes by commute from my home.  Now, I will say I am catching up with old friends (used to work in the building a long time ago) and making new friends (the Christmas party was great last night), but I will say I might be at my “limit.”  Learning a new job, going to school, completing state required classes and just trying to find time for my dogs, Mom, Sisters, Son and Husband is flipping daunting at best.


But here is how ridiculous I am:  I signed up for the Monster Jam event on January 17-19 at the Sleep Train Arena to blog about the events to keep my writing / blogging chomps on point.  Maybe I can take on World Peace as well?  I might do a better job than that Secretary of State guy….you never know. 😉

One of my New Years resolutions for next year is to continue to write on a more consistent basis and for the love of Jesus – GET THE BOOK DONE.  Yes, I am still trying to get to that too, and my two website ideas – and rolling as well.  I need 3 of me.  I am convinced!

I truly believe that 2014 will be a huge year for me …. and I am going to need all of my energy, focus and time management to get things going into high gear.  Hopefully this gal will have enough “shine” to pull it off.   Promise to write more…and hopefully my readers will enjoy it.


Happy Holidays everyone!