Personal Stories

I’m 50!

No, not really.  I am actually 45.  However….this is my 50th post and so I decided to make it fun.  Simple. Easy. Crazy. Creative. Why not?  I earned it!  I don’t have a ghost writer and/or can post everyday so I’ve decided that I will post all of things that I love, like, hate, detest, drives me nuts, adores etc…..sometimes it’s okay to be goofy!

Favorite Cars: Anything made by Volkswagen.

I love Cheese.  Except if it’s super smelly…then no.

I adore dogs.  Any type of dogs…except those that want to eat you. That’s bad.

Fashion role model: Audrey Hepburn…hello!

fred baby

Dislike: People who say “irregardless.”  It is not a word.

Driving Pet Peeve:  People who cannot merge on a freeway.  Jesus!

Human Behavior:  Someone who consistently breaks promises.

Favorite color: Pink.

I have an obsession with Hello Kitty.

Christine und David Schmitt

Do not like to eat: Eggplant, Squash, Peas and Avocado.

Favorite food: Hamburgers, cheese, mushrooms…in that order.

I don’t like it when a mans boobs are bigger than mine. #steroids

Whiners: God if you hate your life, do something about it or STFU.

Things that make me cry: Wonderwall from Oasis. Son sang it to me at 2 years old.

I HATE adultery.  Trolling on dating websites is cheating. My opinion. Don’t like it, don’t care. God is watching your heart.

Believe it’s okay for women to be selfish if it protects them emotionally.  Oh well.

I am not a fan of weddings, funerals, baby/bridal showers.  I will send you cash.

Love it when someone says “Fuck” in the office.  It’s liberating.

People who chew food/gum/their tongue out loud need to be hog tied.

I can’t leave my house unless it looks clean.  #ocd

I love to dance.


Ludie Cochrane

If I sing…dogs ears bleed.

I can balance a checkbook with a sword…but A + the equation of blah = nonsense.

I like dumb humor.  Spinal Tap is my favorite movie.

Family drama is a waste of time.

I like who I am.


I am a great Mom.

I detest angry hateful people….move along.

I love to read and write.

I think men are great in small doses.

California is the best place to live in the world.


Knowledge is power, and I like that…it’s dangerous.

I don’t like people who whine about their life, do the same old shit with the same result.

I love a black dress and heels.

The 70’s were NEVER a good look.

Skinny girls who jog need a sandwich.

Celtics forever.

Celtics Lifer!
Daniel Go
Daniel Y. Go

Never will live in: Texas, the Midwest, Alaska, Utah, and parts of the South where the Confederate flag is considered king.

Hate it when someone gets in your space and they have bad breath.

My Mom is awesome. I make mistakes…she loves me unconditionally.

Favorite President: Bill Clinton.  He just made sense.

Robbed of an election: Al Gore.

Hate: Women still don’t make $1.00 for $1.00 as men. We are smarter.

arsmettin Tallahassee

Saggy pants should be a crime. I don’t want to see train tracks.

I love Football.  Go Niners.

No matter what anyone dishes at me…I am a survivor.  And I like that about ME.

Finally: No wire hangers….EVER.