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Three weeks and counting.

By massdistraction
sharyn morrow
**Cranky Kelly**

So the dogs woke me up way to early.  I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  The wind is blowing so it’s making my nose feel funny.  I ran out of creamer which means the Starbucks dark french roast was useless.  I am cranky (see earlier sentences) and it’s been at least three weeks since I’ve been able to write anything interesting, important, thought-provoking and/or exciting.  Agitated?  Understatement of 2013.

By gfpeck
Current State of Ms. Garland’s Writing Efforts

This is the first time since April 28th since I’ve been able to even look at this site.  I wish I could tell you why.  I have absolutely no clue.  I am going through the worst writers block ever.  Now, I will say since Jan 2nd – a lot of events have transpired.  However, it’s nothing really I want to share.  It’s personal.  It’s my crap.  I’ve had this discussion with family and friends that I am so frustrated with my lack of writing that it’s driving me up a wall.  To be honest, I dreaded even writing this piece of drivel.

By inkedmn
Brett Kelly
**I’ve got nothing folks!**

Some things that have happened since April 28th:  I have tried to stay close to the diet but some of it has gone to the wayside. Like the shitty tacos I ate yesterday.  SIDENOTE:  Felipe’s  – you need a chef that actually knows more than this taste: BLAND.  I know that I will get on the right track, it’s just finding that track that is the hard part.  Know what I mean?  Maybe?  No?  Shit.

Still have a job.  Great.  Zzzzzzz.  I know, who wants to hear about that?  I don’t.

Family and friends still think I am awesome.  So that’s good.

I have Lupus, but I am not dead yet.  Wow, brilliant K, brilliant!

I just cannot pinpoint the issue as to why I haven’t had the capacity to do anything with this site as of late.  I am suspecting there is something in the deep recess of my brain that is bothering me and I haven’t had the capability to figure it out yet.  Hopefully light will shine on it so I can address it.  Maybe fix it.  Even though I know trying to fix something that may not be able to be fixed could be a recipe for disaster.

By nitot
Tristan Nitot

See, this is drivel.  Ugh!!!!

Thanks for reading – I think.


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  1. Some days/weeks/months are like that! I actually enjoyed this post – it was real, and you nicely convey how frustrating writer’s block can be!


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