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Diet or Die!

By Christi Nielsen
Christi Nielsen

I am writing this to all of you on a early crisp Thursday morning.  It’s April 11th 2013 and I made the decision on this past Sunday to change my life.  April 7th to be exact.  A few people in my “Circle of Influence” are aware of what is going on but I wanted to share this with my readers and those who discover my blog. I want to share what I am struggling with and what I am doing about it.

Lose weight now
By Alan Cleaver
Alan Cleaver

For the past 3 to 4 years I have steadily gained all the weight I lost when I was 32 years old.  At age 32, I weighed in at 125 pounds.  I had the ability to dance, run and play.  Little known side fact – I love to dance. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.  I had the ability to get out of my car without effort.  Please add getting up off the floor, a chair and bed to that as well.  My knees hurt.  I now have Degenerative Disc Disease in two of my lowest vertebrae.  I get tired or exhausted after sex.  (Told you all I am honest).  I hate how I look in a mirror from the neck down.  Now to be fair – I still have an “Hourglass Figure” but I have a tummy and my stomach area is extended due to a hiatal Hernia due to poor eating in which I take Omeprazole every day.  Oh, and please add Lupus and Fibromyalgia to the mix too.  Wait, and a bum thyroid issue.  My thighs and butt are way too big.  My boobs have gone from a 36C to a 44DD.

So every week I will be sharing my measurements, weight, BMI and photos to be honest on what I am doing to get healthy, diet and exercise.  Let’s start with that first:

April 7, 2013:   Biceps: 14 inches.  Bust: 41 inches. Waist: 46 inches.  Thighs 29 inches.  My Booty:  50 inches.  Weight:  225.  BMI 36.3   Please see photos of me below (UGH! ACCOUNTABILITY IS DIFFICULT PEOPLE!!!!) :

I am doing the Atkins Diet.  I will discuss how that diet is fairing since Sunday in a post later this evening.  I’ve stuck to it.  It’s hard.  Different phases that your body needs to get used to.  If you haven’t heard of it….here is a hint for tonight:  No Sugar, Grains, Potatoes (Miss these TERRIBLY) Pasta etc.  I will be posting my food tracking via My Fitness Pal for those to see what I am eating, the size of portions and what is the Atkins Diet all about throughout this journey.  Photographs included.  Tonight I will share my first shopping list on how I got started.   P.S. I hate working out…but I am doing it.  Sweating?  Yuck.   That will be shared in a later post.

I hope that you continue to read this blog to see my struggles, results, discussion about exercise and health in general.  I am convinced that if I can lose this weight….anyone can!