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Trip to the health food store.

By las – initially

Sigh. I have finally come to the realization that my shapely physique has gotten TWO HUNDRED PERCENT out of control.  I hate looking in the mirror at times unless it is from the neck up.  Okay, to be fair….I can carry it well to some certain respects.  I don’t look like a basketball.  I actually still have an hour-glass figure BUT it’s the displacement of said fat in certain areas that I am not thrilled with.  I acknowledge that my habits have contributed to said shape.  Here’s a typical day:

By Moira_Fee

Breakfast: 4 cups of coffee, about 4 cigarettes and if I am lucky – I might eat the Special K Breakfast sandwiches (it’s a rarity).

Lunch:  Anything that is a left over from dinner the night before.  Might have an apple and cottage cheese.

Afternoon Snack:  Whatever chip, candy that I can find in the office.

Dinner: Meat, potatoes, rice, maybe a veggie, Taco Bell, Pizza, Cheeseburger (with mushrooms – Ah Health!) and fries.  Of course not all in the same day…but still.

I tend to like Ice Cream….that’s a biggie too.  😦

So after listening to someone I love very much tell me – you’re going to die if you don’t do something about this….ALONG WITH EVERY DOCTOR I’VE EVER MET….I said, “Okay, tonight it’s not crap.  I must find something healthy.  I really don’t have a choice.  Here is another problem (excuse – feel free to use any word).  I absolutely HATE to cook.  I despise with every ounce of my being in my heart.  Prep food?  Me?  HA!  Hate that too.  I would rather clean a toilet than cook, period.   So this isn’t helping me much, right?  Yep.

Kelly Garland

I decide to get in my car and try to find something healthy.  I wanted to go to the Kabob place I love but I knew I would buy A TON of rice, meat and not much else.  I decided on Panera.  Ordering was a nightmare.  You know, Panera puts the calories next to EVERYTHING.  It’s a reminder: “Don’t order that!  Look at those calories FATTY!”  I opted for the Fuji Chicken Salad with no dressing.  Waaaa!  No dressing!  What is this world coming to?  I bit the bullet.

Kelly Garland

Afterwards, I saw Sprouts.  I thought maybe I can pick up a late night snack that is okay for me to eat.  I looked like a BULL IN A CHINA SHOP.  What a disaster.  I wandered which seemed like forever. I talked to a grocery guy who DIDN’T KNOW what gluten-free was.  Are you kidding me?  You work at SPROUTS.  After shaking my head in absolute disbelief, I picked up gluten-free “Food Should Taste Good” Olive tortilla chips.  Well, I just noticed while writing they were tortilla chips and I hate those kind.  Sigh. I will eat them.  I am sure they are tasty.  I hope so.

I plan to share my dive into dieting, my lack of experience of food health and exercise with all of you to stay real.  Not to lie.  If I cheat one day, I will admit it.  I am sure I am going to have days where I will think that “The Biggest Loser” show is the devil in disguise.  Hopefully the days will not be many. *Fingers crossed* I hope you all wish me luck because I know I am going to need it.

P.S.  I officially need a chaperone while shopping for food.  How sad.

By gruntzooki
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