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Sorry Babe, I lied.

By Niccolò Caranti
Niccolò Caranti

There is absolutely no way that I can fall to sleep after my Husband leaves for the airport at 3AM in the morning.  At 5:45 AM I sent him a message telling him the dogs know your gone for a while.  These Terriers are bugging.  I promised that I would go to bed to get an hour of sleep.  Well, I lied.  I ran to my blog this morning with a great idea.  I think it’s going to help me while he’s gone and catapult me into wanting to get interested in writing my book again.

See, there is a lot going on personally in our lives now.  No, I don’t wish to share it.  Sorry folks – some things are just private.  When I am a famous Author and everyone wants to know what is my favorite food and what my background is – then you’ll know.  I don’t believe I would have TMZ following me around with a camera.  Well, UNLESS I pull a Lindsay Lohan.  Please….I can’t because I am too tired and old for those shenanigans.

For the next 30 days, I am writing everyday here.  It could be about something that is happening to me that I am willing to share.  Or about shoes.  I love shoes.  I may even write about the weather, politics…whatever hair gets up my bum.  The reason why I am doing this is to become more focused on getting my first book done.  I found a fantastic Editor who I went to high school with who I will say is Top Notch.  I don’t want her to think I am a total idiot.  I figure if I start writing here EVERYDAY … It’s going to force me to pull that outline out of the cupboards (no, I don’t have any) and just DO IT.

I may even post twice a day if I fancy it or have time.  So I hope my readers and whomever comes across this blog enjoys what I have to say.  🙂


**Be safe dear Husband**

By x-ray delta one
James Vaughan