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No church today, sorry St. Pat’s.

By Joshua Daniel O.
Joshua Ommen

I woke up early.  Had coffee ready.  Set out my dress last night.  I made sure that I was prepared to roll and drive 6 minutes to church today.  Fully intending on doing whats right.  Some people feel that worship makes them feel better and sets a person straight for the work week.  Some people believe that there is no God.  That’s okay.  That’s their opinion.  I don’t believe that but I respect their thoughts.

By amira_a

Here is why I couldn’t go.  I am STILL smoking.  I know, my family (Mom), friends and co-workers bitch at me constantly about it.  “I thought you were going to quit yesterday, last week, month or year?”  “You have Lupus, are you crazy.”  I answer yes to both of those questions.  Listen, getting off the wacky tobacky is going to be one of the hardest things I am going to have to do.  I am dreading it but I know that it’s not healthy for me.  I wish there was an easy pill that I could take that would make the withdrawals but there is not unfortunately.

By deeplifequotes
Live Life Happy

I cannot with a clean conscience walk into a house of worship, the Lord’s place and pray when I am smoking.  In my mind it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do at all.  That’s why the plan is this and I am making it known on the internet so that if someone catches me – they can call me out and throw stones at me.  The plan is to quit on Tuesday.  I can’t do it Monday because that is the beginning of the work week and I will lose it.  I know, the addict mind right?  Is there every a bad time to quit smoking?  Ha ha.  However that is the plan.

So if I seem a bit snark in my posts starting next week, you will all know why – but at least I can walk into church next Sunday and not feel guilty about it.  Wish me luck (seems fitting on St. Patrick’s Day) – I will need it.

By riptheskull

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.