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How to build your coffin at Hometown Buffet.

By goodiesfirst

Last night my Husband and I decided to go out to dinner.  We wanted to do it on the cheap because we haven’t looked at the budget for the month yet.  After the obligatory “What do you want to eat? I don’t know, what do YOU want to eat?” routine, we decided to go to Hometown Buffet.  It technically has everything that someone could eat.  All one can eat for $10.99.  Sold.

We earned our first gold star by walking to dinner.  It’s less than 5 minutes so why not.  It’s across the street from our home in a strip mall so we can walk off the food afterwards.  How many people do you know that would walk to a buffet and walk back?  Not many I would suppose.  So off we go.  When we arrive, and I kid you not – people are RUSHING to get in line.  Um, the food will still be there.  I don’t see how the restaurant could run out of food.  It’s a buffet for crying out loud.  To be honest with my readers, one of my biggest pet peeves are lines in restaurants.  It feels like a cattle call to me.

We finally get to the front of the line, pay and find a table.  I was happy that I found a table right next to all the food.  Not because I was going to get 20 plates of food, but that I could people watch.  That’s one of my habits.  I told my Husband, “no you go first, you bought us dinner.”  I waited and watched.  When my husband came back to our table, I told him “I am writing about this place.”  He said, “I figured that out when I saw your look on your face coming back.”  What I saw was an eye-opener.

By Alex E. Proimos
Alex Proimos

First off, I couldn’t believe the people cutting each other off in line for food.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Grabbing serving spoons to get that fried shrimp or the mashed potatoes.  Seriously?  I am sure the cooks have more in the kitchen.  I get it now how things will be in an Apocalypse or when the economy collapses.  I saw a glimpse of it at Hometown Buffet.  Also, how people wander around without any care that there are people around them, searching like grazing cattle to get their fix of food.

Listen, I am no spring chicken.  I realize that I could lose some weight and I am working on it.  This comment is not to offend the obese.  However, if you know you are morbidly obese, why are you at a buffet?  I saw a large abundance (pardon the pun) of large people piling their plates with food.  I saw those same people come back for third, fourth and even a fifth plate.  Some of the people needed a cane or a walker just to get around.

By Martin Cathrae
Martin Cathrae

The large majority of who were incredibly obese and or “mildly” overweight had some of the poorest food choices I’ve ever seen.  Yes, please pile on for the third time – ham, steak, fried chicken, potatoes and some other fried concoction on  your plate.  I did see a salad section.  I was at that section but I was one of a few people who even attempted vegetables.   I had carrots, beans and spinach too.  Didn’t see that color variety on most plates.  The color variation I mostly saw was orange fried, brown seared or red carbs.

I haven’t even touched what people were drinking and going back for in large bunches….SODA.  I think soda is a killer.  It has sugar crap of all distortions that shorten a person’s life. I did not see one person at that buffet that had water or even tea.  My choice was tea.  I did not see one child drinking milk either.  Milk was available at the buffet but the kids were bouncing around that place like crack addicts because of the soda and the new ICEE machine they placed in the restaurant.

By Russ Allison Loar
Russ Allison Loar

My point is this:  this is just a small section of unhealthy eating habits in a Sacramento suburb.  Imagine if you times that by the number of suburbs in America.  It’s as if our eating habits and portions of food are our coffins.   It helps insurance companies, doctors, food corporations very profitable to eat shitty but in doing so, it robs us of having a happier and healthier sense of self.

What was the most disturbing?  The children of the parents who were obese.  The kids looked overweight and didn’t even look a lick over 10 years old.  Not only are we building our own coffins by eating at these establishments and eating like this at home….but we are creating a generation of over-fed children who have NO clue of proper nutrition or portion control.   We are responsible for how we educate our children about food.  Taking them to a buffet is an open invitation to build their own coffin so when the have Type II Diabetes at 14, they’ve got one foot in the grave.  This is our future of eating in America folks.  Very sad.

Sorry Hometown Buffet, never again…I had my “fill.”