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I dared to remember a dream.

By Cia de Foto

Little known fact: I rarely remember my dreams.  If I do recall them in the morning, it’s usually something horrible.  I’ve died, my son died….someone dies.  I know, awful.  I am actually pretty jealous of people who can remember their dreams and have the ability to interpret them and or be able to tell a story based on that dream.  My brain does not have the capability to do that at all so to be able to share this with you is a rarity at best.


By Gibson Claire McGuire Regester

What’s really weird about this dream: I was dying but I was okay with it.  I know, really?  How COULD I be okay with it?   However it was not via medieval mode of operandi such as someone killing me, fire, car accident or drowning.  I found out I had a disease it was going to put me into the ground and that’s that.  One would think even that kind of a dream would be a nightmare, but not for me I guess.  *must be that fatalistic attitude #Lupus*

By CYNICALifornia
Tom Llewellyn

To the dream: Yes, I had a terminal illness.  In my dream,  I literally sold everything I owned in my home.  *My poor husband wouldn’t even have his green couch* As a matter of fact, my husband was not even in this dream at all.  Don’t ask me why?  One would think he would want to know that I was close to kicking the bucket, right?  In my dream, I called my life insurance company and told them to send my 90% of my policy to me as well.  I wind up giving money only to my Mother, Husband and Son.  The remainder is mine and what I do next is just nuts.

By Emm Enn

I disappear and remove myself from the grid.  No cell phone. Delete my website, get rid of my e-mail, anything and everything that I find to be a distraction.  Out of contact from everyone, including my family and friends.  I don’t want to be interrupted, bothered, stressed.  I remove myself from the stratosphere of crap around me.  *please note – I LOVE THIS PART OF THE DREAM* I wish I could do this in real life.  How liberating would that be?

By char1iej
Charlie J

For some reason: I am driving a Porsche and it’s not new.  My dream is SO specific. It’s a 1972 Porsche.  You would think I would have my 1969 VW Bug in this dream? No.  The color?  Black of course.  I find in my dream that I am driving down Highway 1 in this car.  From the tip of the California Oregon border all the way to San Francisco.  I stop along the way at local watering holes to take in the local fare and people.  This trip takes days.  Why I don’t know.  Maybe I want to hear someone else’s misery than focus on my own in my dream.

By Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk

At the end of my travel I wind up at the beginning of the Golden Gate bridge.  I park the car and recall that I was just sitting in the car for what seems like an eternity.  I am watching people, the bridge and the cars that traverse over it.  I finally step out of the car.  I am wearing the most brilliant white dress on this earth.  A gentleman walks up to me.  He’s wearing a black suit and hat.  I don’t see a face on him.  All I hear is “Are you ready?”  I said “Yes.”  At that point, everything goes dark and quiet.  I cannot see and or hear anything.  It’s that time, I wake up.

By SewPixie

It felt like the longest dream on Earth.  I recall that I had a song playing in the background the entire time. I don’t know what to make of this dream.  Am I going to take a trip to the Bay?  Will I get that 72 Porsche?  Is God warning me to slow down and smell the roses?  Could I be dreaming this because of stress?  Something deep down is bothering me?  Who knows.  Maybe all of this is just nonsense and means nothing.  What I do know is this dream made a hell of an imprint on my brain.

*Note: Dear God,  I want the Porsche. Thanks!*

*This was the song that was playing in my head during the entire dream*




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  1. Stop acting like the people you know owe you something. No one owes you anything. Write because you want to write, but don’t expect other people to fawn all over you. Get over yourself.


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