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I Refuse to be Sorry.

By So gesehen.
Stefan Bucher

What makes us women sorry?  Just about everything that you can POSSIBLY imagine.  Yep, we are just a bunch of wussies.  I read an article this morning from Karen Polewaczyk about our propensity to apologize for every little thing.  She is right.  We do.  Why?  Is it because we just don’t have enough self-worth?  Are we “please like me” whores who need some validation?  Do we (when I say “we” – it’s women) not like to rock the boat?  Maybe?  We are taught that we must have compassion and or sympathy for one another.  I get that.  However, I regret not placing this as NUMBER ONE on the old “resolution” list.  *side note, place it on the list now – it’s only February*

By joanneteh_32(loving Laduree)

I am fed up with having to feel “sorry” for every little thing.  Why do we as women act like “Dainty Wallflowers?”  Actually, when I read Ms. Polewaczyk article, it made me sad.  Years I’ve spent apologizing when I haven’t had to.  My biggest BAD habit is this “I am sorry but “*insert opinion here*.”  Why DON’T I think my opinions are valid?  What’s WRONG with me?  Years of conditioning – that’s what has done it.  Being sorry or guilty for something makes me tired.  Quite frankly, I am kinda done with it.  With that being said, here is MY list of what I am not apologetic for.

By JoeInSouthernCA
Joe Wolf
  • For being introverted at times and not wanting to talk to anyone.  This includes co-workers, family, friends, acquaintances or anyone else in my sphere of influence.  Sometimes I need a break.  I love them, they love me but I can’t be every thing to every one 24/7. If I seem cold, it is what it is.
By Tony Fischer Photography
Tony Fischer
  • I did NOT vote in this past years election.  For the first time I am saying it to anyone except my Husband but I think that politics and getting puffed up about issues is a crock of s***.  It’s all a house of cards.  Yes, I am a liberal but I think the bottom line is that the White House, Congress and the Senate could really give two sh*** about us all.
By Flооd
Flood G.
  • When I back out of plans to go to a party, gathering, appointment etc., because either #1. I don’t feel like it or #2.  I have Lupus and I am just too tired.  This includes weddings and funerals.  The only thing I like to do small gatherings of friends and/or family that I trust to have a good time with.  Life and Death events are not my bag.  Never has been.
By threefatcats
  • Being overweight.  Why should I be sorry for something like that?  Years of my abusing my body has taken a toll.  Also, being broke a lot forces you to eat cheap foods.  If I was rich, I would weigh a buck twenty-five along with my trainer, cook, masseuse and plastic surgeon. I am doing the best I can with what I’ve got and plan on working on making things right but I am not sorry for being a fatty.  The world has a body image issue, I do not.
By firexbrat
Jenny Addison
  • I don’t support gun control.  I am a Mother.  I am a woman.  Murder is horrible but I think I have a right to own and carry a handgun.  Maybe if the national news media weren’t bombarding us with  “Breaking News” 24/7 and didn’t give glory to the crazies that do these acts so it wouldn’t be copy-catted over and over again?  People kill people.  Take the guns away and then we will all be knife wielding pirates. Arrrgh.
By Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
  • I have a bad temper. I’ve kept it in check for a long time.  I need to use it more.  It’s been too dormant for too long. I believe it’s due in part that if I piss someone off that they won’t like me or be my friend.  I think yelling your lungs out is healthy.  Hmmmm.  *Now watch, my family will insist Anger Management counseling.  Ha Ha.*
By taberandrew
Taber Andrew Bain
  • *To my family members who are extremely religious, don’t read this point.*  Speaking of potty mouth, I like to swear. I do it a lot.  I say “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” at every opportunity.  My Husband hates it when I say “God Damn It.”  Always catches me doing it.  I am tired of apologizing for that too.
By heffalump_hieu
hieu “Rickrolled”
  • I like to post stupid crap on the internet.  Things that are ridiculous. Random Thoughts.  Sharing stories that I feel are 100% worthy of your reading time, especially on Facebook and Twitter.  I would love to think that my family and friends think I am BRILLIANT.  They probably think I a certifiable.  Oh well!  Besides, isn’t that what the internet is truly for?
By mdanys
Mindaugas Danys
  • Cutting off people from my life that are either “haters’ and/or “idiots.”  You know this kind of person.  Whined about everything.  How about getting off your butt, stop talking and start DOING?  Life is just too short to sit there and feel sorry for yourself.
By Rob Warde

Last but not least, I refuse to apologize for being who I am.  I have lived from hell and back in 45 years.  Do I wish I could change the course of my lifetime?  Yes.  Do I have regrets?  Sure.  However its those events that have made me who I am today.  I wouldn’t apologize for that AT ALL.