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Dear Gavin, Joe, George and Adrienne Maloof – Stop hurting Sacramento. It’s OUR TOWN…not yours.


I want to make something clear to the four of you right now.  I am NOT a Kings fan.  Never was.  No apologizes.  I am a Boston Celtics fan since I was oh….5 years old.  My fan-ship came from an Uncle who introduced me to sports along with my Father who lived on the east coast.  I bleed green and clovers.  Our team is inherently better.  Period.  It is what it is.


HOWEVER!  I was born and raised in Sacramento.  I was here before the Kings and will be here after.  I find it absolutely disgusting what your family has done to MY CITY.  Yes, it’s MY city.  Not YOURS.   You have no respect AT ALL not only for the fans of the Sacramento Kings but for the City of Sacramento and it’s citizens.  Your shady behavior seems ten times worse than any special interest group in the office of a Congressman offering money to pass cancer to children.  It makes me FURIOUS.

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings

I am furious for the fact that our “NBA” Mayor looked absolutely desperate on television tonight lamenting losing “Campbell’s Soup” and “Comcast.”  Jesus.  WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING KEVIN?  Certainly it wasn’t infrastructure when the residents in Midtown flooded due to an antiquated sewer pipe and their homes were flooded.  No you were chasing a bunch of idiots who CLEARLY cannot manage a team, let alone sell the ONE business that was profitable…the beer distributorship.  For what?  The Palms?  How is that venture working out for them?  Not so well.  In the meantime, we have pot holes in our roads, we’ve FLEECED our City and Sheriff’s departments, fire too – don’t forget the sexy guys and gals.  I could go on, but it’s late tonight and I work a full time job in the city that I LOVE.


It angers me that your family cannot be honest with the citizens of Sacramento.  Jobs are on the line.  You clearly could give a RATS POOP about that because Adrienne has her ridiculous gig on “RHBH.”  What a joke.  She’s buying $1000 pair of shoes while the concession stand peeps make minimum wage.  Would Adrienne let her kids go to school in Sacramento?  Walk down the street at night.  I HARDLY think so.  Give me a break.  I am angry at the fact that while she is buying shoes, Joe and Gavin are eating fat hamburgers and George is being a a**….our Mayor and City officials (and fans) are absolutely convinced that the Kings will be the end all of their city.  Your family has done that to my city.  Convinced the city of that too.

IMG_20130109_234455 (1)

Does anyone know this guy?  His name Mark Otero.  He created a video game and sold in for MILLIONS of dollars and now is here in Sacramento with his business.  We are missing a GREAT opportunity.  Why aren’t we invited tech businesses to Sacramento???  We don’t live in a fault line.  We have cheap leases.  We can create tax incentives and breaks to bring the biggest and the brightest to Sacramento.  Imagine Sacramento as a hub of technology, brilliance, not reliant on a State of California paycheck or a sports team.  Why can’t we do THIS?  How hard can it be?  I don’t think our officials are trying AT ALL.  We can be that next Austin, San Jose.  WE CAN DO THIS.  But no.  We are dealing with a dickhead family with NO regard to the City or it’s people at all.

Sacramento street seen 2 skyline sunset from L Street Lofts Panoramic final small 34 ZI 2009-09-21

Listen.  I don’t want the Kings to leave.  A lot of people here adore the team…but at some point we need to look at other alternatives that makes our city attractive.  We’ve been sidelined by the Maloof Stern bandwagon.  I am tired of the games.  I am tired of the Maloof family.  I am tired of a Mayor who is more interested in saving face and being a “strong” Mayor than attracting technology, coding, engineering talent for this city.  Enough is enough.  At least I have a set of balls to say what I have to say….Joe, Gavin, George and Adrienne is sipping the money koolaid and can’t even say anything to our city.

Enough said.

**By the way, I apologize for the caps…but I am pissed.**


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