Why Craigslist is such a pain in the a$$. By acloudman
Anne Cloudman

I decided earlier this week to put some of my possessions on Craiglist.  My husband usually does all of the posts, photos etc., but he said since it was my stuff – I had to do it.  Now mind you, it was quite a feat and I am still not done.  Ugh!  I still have 25 pairs of shoes to post individually.  This has taken a life of it’s own.  I’ve posted close to 30 ads.  You want it, I’ve got it.  Lamps, art, shoes, purses, kitchen items, and furniture pieces.  I’ve even got a large Sock Monkey!  I will get to the Monkey later.

Why am I doing this torture to myself?  Why not donate these items?  Well, I donate to Goodwill and the Red Cross on a fairly regular basis.  Every week when I get gas at Circle K, I give my change to the Red Cross box.  It’s what I do.  I don’t toot my horn about it and I certainly don’t make a billion dollars – but it’s my way of giving back.  I believe in recycling and I never, EVER pay retail if I don’t have too.  Goodwill is awesome because it gives jobs to those that otherwise would not get jobs in the private sector, which I think is great.

I decided to do this project for the following reasons:

  1. I don’t make a billion dollars.
  2. I don’t need this crap and it needs to GO!
  3. If I go into a writing gig full-time, better get used to Craiglist for the “lean” times.
  4. I’ve paid for these items and I want some money back for them.

I think my ads are stunning.  Maybe in my own mind!  However, I am using a beautiful red sheath background and it really jazzed up the pictures.  It’s taken me two days to do 30 ads and I know it’s going to probably take all day Sunday to finally finish this up.  When I started to receive responses via text and e-mail I thought – this would be brilliant to show the dynamic of people who like me, sell items on Craigslist and the people (you) who want to buy said items.

First thing I will say:  I am not thrilled at the fact that the moment I began to use Craigslist, my spam box blew up.  Kinda crappy, but that’s my own opinion.  There has to be a way to use the site without being bombarded with “win this,” or “gold and diamond selling.”  I really hate it and wished I had used a different e-mail to post the ads.  I’ve noticed that a lot of responses I am receiving from people is going to spam too.  Super frustrating when I am on the go with my phone.  Not digging it.

However what I find fascinating are the responses I am receiving.  This text marathon was for a $60.00 2nd Generation iPod Touch.  This person wanted me to meet him at his house because he doesn’t drive.  30 miles away from where I live. Yet minutes later said he was 10 miles away?  I said no.  I don’t meet men at their houses.  Please.  After that, I told him I can meet him before dark at a Starbucks.  Okay, no problem.  Once it’s dark, he asked if I can meet him between 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, I was already doing something.  At that point I was growing tired of his texts, hell I was willing to just sell it to someone else.  He finally said that he could meet me the next day and I said “cool.”  I got another response: “What do you mean by cool?”  Seriously?  Grow a pair.

Now mind you, I have placed nice pricey things on Craigslist.  An art deco lamp from Los Angeles in the 50’s.  Vintage clothing, you name it.  What is garnishing the MOST responses?  The Sock Monkey.  I am not kidding.  I am throwing in two teddy bears to boot just to get these things out of my house.  I’ve had 5 e-mails.  I’ve come down on the price a bit – but the responses are just too much.  “Gosh, that much?”  “Are you sure?” My personal favorite is  “I will pass.”  I will pass?  What ever happened to the art of the negotiation?  Isn’t that what Craigslist is all about?  Am I missing something?  Is there a class that people can take to stop the madness?

I am dreading completing the rest of my ad’s today because I know that I am going to get lame old responses and/or people who don’t know how to ask simple questions.  This has become just a nightmare.  That is why Craigslist is such a pain in the ass.