Now that breast cancer month is over, my thoughts. By Beverly & Pack
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I have had this topic on my mind through the month of October.   Yes, the entire month.  Sometimes I hold things in for MONTHS until I explode.  Ask my Husband, he will tell you about it.  This topic really got under my skin for a number of reasons.  I want to make sure that I am clear with all of my readers right NOW.  I do understand the reality of pain, suffering and dying.  Been there, done that and still doing it.  I do have sympathy for mostly everyone.  Okay, now on with my thoughts.

I am on Twitter every day.  I follow quite an eclectic group of people who have interesting things to say.  One day, I am on Twitter and I notice a person I am following (who doesn’t follow me back and I don’t care) start a diatribe about how negative the Pink campaign is for breast cancer.  I want to point out that this person has a ton of followers on Twitter, is a journalist and is somewhat of a public figure.  She complained on how the Pink campaign has become way too commercialized.  Too boobified.  Not sure that is a word, but let’s work with it.  She began to make fun of those who might have been in a store purchasing a “pink item” (who’s proceeds goes to breast cancer research) and belittle them on Twitter.  She had others follow suit, making fun of others who think that the Pink campaign is great, purchasing items to go to said campaign who might have a Mother, Sister, Friend etc with breast cancer.  It went on for the entire month of October.

This woman has had breast cancer twice and is on round three.  Yes folks, the gal who is on round three of cancer treatment thinks that the Pink campaign, pink products, Save The Boobies items are a big joke.  That is her opinion.  I am sorry she is on round three of chemo treatment…..but.  Now it’s my turn.  As someone who has had seven mammograms, 2 CT’s and 3 ultrasounds in three years, I do not think the Pink movement is a joke at all.  All negative, thanks for asking. By Andrea Guerra

I WISH my disease had that much attention.  I have Lupus or what they call SLE.  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  I was diagnosed at the age of 23.  It doesn’t “go away.”  It’s always there.  It’s going to kill me one day.  I hurt EVERYDAY, but go to work and trod on because I have too.  Did YOU know that Lupus strikes MORE people than AIDS, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Cystic Fibrosis combined?  Don’t believe me, look it up here:  (St. Louis University School of Medicine).  People who have Lupus usually die of kidney and heart failure.  I can’t wait for that.  How exciting. Several Lupus foundations can’t figure out if either May or October is the Official Lupus Awareness month.  We don’t even have an official “color.”  Some say it’s orange (Meh) and others think it’s purple.

We don’t have “official” walk like the Susan Komen walk each year.  We do have the Alliance for Lupus Research walk each year in different states on different parts of the year but it does NOT get the TV, radio and/or employer participation that breast cancer does.  I wish my employer for once would participate in it.  No go.  Nor do we have commercial products like Colgate, Nike, or anyone else reaching out to those who have Lupus to want to help develop a color product to help us in our fight so we don’t DIE either.  I think the only spokespersons who have come out recently is Toni Braxton.  Thank God the owner of the New York Jets, Woody Johnson created the Alliance for Lupus Research and has given proceeds from Jets games on occasion for the fight.  Reason why he does it: his daughter has Lupus.  Want to give?  Here is the link:

What bothers me is this (if you haven’t gotten it already):  How dare someone be so ungrateful for all of the resources given to fight a damned disease?  How dare someone “make fun” of another who buys a Pink product in memory of their Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Father (men get breast cancer), Friend or Co-Worker.  I get that she’s upset and hurting and dealing with a LOT, I would be at round three of cancer treatment too.  Cancer sucks.  My Grandfather died of brain cancer.  Cancer is evil.  However, to sit there and to trash a group of people who buy these products or make them available or raise money in the name of Pink for cancer is just utterly insane.  I wish people like myself had that kind of movement.  Hell, I’d take a purple Barney to create awareness!  I guess my point in all of this is:  Instead of trashing a movement that is trying to help, try to find the good in it all.  People do give a damn and they care if you are suffering.  People do want to help, and if it’s a Pink water bottle or Yoplait – it’s better than nothing at all.