A little story about Pepper and Jack.

Although this is a blog to share my insights in life from my past, present and future – it all can’t be serious!  I don’t want people to cry every time they visit my site.  I thought it would be fun to introduce my readers to my family.  Pepper and Jack are two little doggies that NO ONE wanted.  To be honest with you, I just don’t know why.  They are the sweetest dogs ever!


Pepper, Mix of Smooth Fox Terrier and Mini Aussie

My husband and I we’re looking for a new dog when my precious Mandy (weenie dog) passed away.  It had not been even three weeks and I couldn’t stand coming home and not hearing the pitter patter of a dog meeting me at the door.  We found Pepper online through Petfinder.  She lived in Grass Valley, CA.  A Father and Daughter team owned her.  They just didn’t have time for her at all with working and school.  No boarding fee, and the Father gave us a carrier with dog food and toys.  I was shocked that we are so lucky to have such a lovely little girl come into our lives.  She is full of life and SMART.  She herds you into the kitchen for a treat.  Puts her paw on me so that I will have her FULL attention.  She is a cutie.

This is what I was saying about smart.  She loves to watch the television.  @CesarMilan is her favorite.

Pepper is fascinated with cats.  She had a friend named “Chuck the Cat” until we moved a year ago.

Yes, Pepper has her own peep hole to check who’s walking in front of our yard.

Clearly, Pepper believes she is brilliant.  “Pay attention to me please, woof.”

After a period of time, Pepper became a bit lonely.  She was the only dog in the home.  Although I only had Mandy as a one dog home for a long time (and she was fine with that because she was the Queen), Pepper needed a friend.  The search began for a mate for Miss Pepper.  Searched high and low.  She had a doggie date with another terrier/weenie dog but it just didn’t work out because that dog was sedate and Pepper was NOT.  One night, my husband saw an ad on Craigslist for this little Terrier.  Unfortunately, we missed out on the dog after calling at around 7PM.  Not one hour later….the lady that picked up this Terrier from the gal with the Craigslist ad had said the Terrier and her dog were not getting along.  With Pepper in tow, at 8PM on a rainy night – we met her new mate.  No one wanted him either, so he was free.  We call him Jack.  Or A.K.A. Jackie, Jackie Chan or JFK.  He likes to run, prance and hide under our ottoman.


Jack, a pure bred Smooth Fox Terrier.

Jack tends to be a day dreamer.  Loves to hide for his own safety and comfort.

Jack loves the great outdoors.  In fact, it’s very difficult to get him back inside the house most days. Unless it’s the sprinkler, which he is terrified of.

Again, “please let me outside Mom and Dad, I want to PLAY.”

I would like to say that these two dogs are the best buddies on the planet.  Pepper licks Jack’s ears as if that is her baby.  Jack has acute hearing and alerts everyone in the house to “Stranger Danger.”  When Pepper wasn’t feeling well recently, Jack moped around the house.  Two peas in a pod.

 Best Friends.

Love them always…..Woof.