Phobias.  Habits.  OCD.  Case of the scaredy cats.

I’ve got em’.  My husband calls them “Kellyisms.”  I can’t help it.  Maybe I should see a psychiatrist?  However, I don’t think I need to pay someone $250 an hour to tell me, “you’re weird.”

Enjoy my Kellyism list:

  • If there is anything on the floor, I have to pick it up.  Doesn’t matter what it is.
  • If my home starts to resemble the inkling of “clutter,”  I have to go through that entire room to remove the offending items.
  • I can’t leave the house in the morning unless my bed is made, and I could be running late to work.
  • If I don’t have a cup of coffee the moment I wake up in the morning, it sets a “red alert” mood for the rest of the day.
  • My purse has to be in the same place every single day in the event of an emergency.  No I am not kidding.
  • I am terrified of spiders, pincher bugs, ants and bees/wasps/yellow jackets.  Actually I am allergic to bees – so that makes sense.
  • Due to my Lupus, I truly believe that I am susceptible to every other disease under the sun.  Odds are I am not – I am just WAY too hyper aware.
  • I will not touch or be near any type of solvents or insecticides.  I am convinced it will hurt me.
  • My closet is coordinated by the following: Pants, then a sub section (work / casual), shirts etc….I know – TMI.
  • I am afraid of the dark.
  • I won’t leave my house at night without being accompanied by an adult.
  • If there are dishes in the sink, I will fret about it until I take care of it.
  • If my football, baseball or basketball starts to lose while watching it on TV, I can’t stand it and leave the room.
  • I have to bite the interior of my mouth if I hear the word “irregardless.”  It’s NOT A WORD.
  • I am constantly thinking that my car tires are running out of air, and my Husband rolls his eyes.
  • I make up my own words and they sound ridiculous because my mind races so fast that my mouth can’t keep up.
  • 100% noise sensitive, anything loud bothers me to the point where I will vacate the area.
  • There are days where I will just hide out in my bedroom (the entire weekend mind you) ….my mind needs peace every once in a while.

Gosh, in writing this out – it makes me look nuts!  Sadly, this is the short list.



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