What I’ve Learned, Done, Accomplished, and other Crap while off Facebook. The Experiment.

So I took a two week break from Facebook.  I know, who cares.  Big flippin’ deal.  Well, you try it if you’re on Facebook every single day….then talk to me. I decided to do an experiment….no Facebook.  Two weeks.  Not a post, nothing.

I had to literally deactivate the account to accomplish this.  The “urge” to see the latest “I I I” or “Me Me Me” or “Funny Video” or “E-Card” was killing me.  I actually stressed out about deactivating it.  What will happen if I want to come back?  Do I want to visit Facebook again?  Will my account still be there?  I mean….this was epic for Ms. Garland-Peric.  Trust me.

August 26th was the last time I was on Facebook.  Deactivation on Monday, August 27th before I left for vacation.  OMG!  No posting of VACATION PHOTOS????  OH NO!  You mean I can’t show you pictures of Pepper and Jack (the Terrier Terrorists) driving us absolutely bat shit on a 2 ½ hour drive to Santa Cruz and back?  **Actually it was 5 ½ each way because we had to find dog parks to let Jack run because he was panting in the back of the car the whole time – never again bringing the dogs.**

Wait?  I can’t check in to the Boardwalk?  Lucille’s Italian Restaurant?  Aloha Island Grille?  Literally, it was like feeling completely cut off from the entire world.  You would have thought that I had broken out in hives.  Cream please.

A funny thing happened.  I calmed down.  It became bearable.  I actually paid attention to my Husband.  *I don’t know if he was thrilled about that, but too God Damned bad.* I took walks on the beach. Played with my terriers. I lived a little. When we came back Wednesday night, I was too tired to think about “I wonder what my family, friends, acquaintances are up too?”  You take a trip with your Dogs….you’ll see.

Hello the rest of my vacation.  Now what?  I actually got things done around the house that needed tending too.  I read a book.  Began writing a bit for my new book that I am planning to publish.  I got a lot done.  Realized a lot of things that I needed to face (pardon the pun) because I was absorbed in the Facebook life.  Connected on people on a whole different level and realized I don’t HAVE to do things that I don’t WANT TO.  Also realized that I am a pretty darn complex person and I don’t have to apologize for that shit either. Nice.

Here is the interesting part: the next following week I had to go back to work.  Damned those ‘ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES!!!”  I still had not logged back onto Facebook – what?  I can’t whine about people who call me and whine about this, that and the other?  Oh dear!  I had people approach me and ask “Did I do something wrong or make you mad”  “Did you delete me from Facebook?”  It didn’t even occur to me how WRONG Facebook makes peoples relationships so screwed up if I deactivated my account.  People take this shit PERSONALLY.

I no longer care if a friend or family member unfriends me if I stay on Facebook.  I’ve re-activated it because I have a page for my website – so I think I may be forced to stay.  Crap. Guess what.  It’s not going to hurt my feelings.  I’ve got other fish to fry than to worry about the following:

Kelly said a swear word.

Kelly said something really harsh about politics.

Kelly said something about my religion.  Insert Scientology here.

Kelly posted photos of some glorious looking photo of men or something haughty or naughty.

Kelly thinks this, that or the other.

Kelly is ranting about something that got up in her asshole.

If any of this bothers you personally, you need to unscrew your head from your body and screw it back on the right way.  Clearly you’ve friended me for a reason.  So man up or shut up.

I have news for all of you:  If you are gauging your relationships (family, friendships & co-workers banter) by how many friends you have on Facebook OR get pissed off because you’ve been un-friended OR become “agitated” by what your friends or family say on a post OR if you get irked because you’ve posted something on your friends profile and they’ve not responded – well, quite frankly:  Get a Life.  I mean it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post as much as I have.  Facebook on and carry on.