What is RIGHT about Sacramento!

My city is depressed.  Let’s face it, our economy stinks.  Homes are underwater.  Pardon the pun, but if you live here you know it can flood here.  We are pinching pennies to get by.   The top cities employer is the State of California and we all know how that is working out now.  Not good.  Sacramento is ranked one of the 5th most miserable cities in the United States.  Sacramento International (giggle) Airport ranks 27th out of 40 airports in spreading illness.

It’s no wonder we’re all depressed with news reported quite often that well, we suck.  Guess what Sacramentans?   I am tired of all of this trash talk about the city I love.  I know it’s a bit rocky now but we DON’T suck!  I was born here.  I live here.  I love MY SACRAMENTO.   Here is my top 10 on WHY we’re awesome.

10.  No L.A. Traffic.  Now I’ve heard people complain about Highway 99, Interstate 5 and 80 respectively that during rush hour it’s rough.  I am laughing at you.  Commute on the 5, 10, 101 or the 405 in L.A. at any given point of the day.  You will get butt sores from being in traffic too long.

9.  Old Sacramento.  It’s a part of history that dates back to the 1850’s.  What’s not to love about this!  The California State Railroad Museum and History Museum is a great place for young and old to learn about days gone by and the trains are phenomenal.  Delta King, restaurants, shops too.  On New Year’s Eve, enjoy a pub crawl and the fireworks show.

8.  Crocker Art Museum.  I remember as a small child visiting the museum before any expansions took place.  I was fascinated by all of the old paintings.  I recall one of the Art docent taking us on a tour of the building itself and being told that Mr. Crocker had a bowling alley in the basement.  To this day my favorite painting at Crocker is “Sunday Morning in the Mines” by Charles Nahl.  In my 30’s, I was fortunate enough to catch the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit.  The museum provides art for children, events, exhibitions.  It is one of my favorite places.

7.   The State Capitol.  I know, Jerry and the crew are there.  However, have you actually taken the time to tour the entire grounds of the Capitol?  It is absolutely stunning.  Did you know that the Capitol has exhibits and collections?  The California Peace Officers Memorial is located on the Capitol grounds and it is humbling to see it.  I recall as a teenager hanging out with my girlfriend who’s Mother then was the Secretary for Willie Brown.  I remember hanging out in the back offices of the Capitol.  It was gorgeous then, and still is.  Minus the politicians, of course.

6.  Downtown.  I love this little slice of heaven.  Arts, local bands and music, restaurants, clubs, just the feel of the city vibe.  The old Victorian homes with the vintage light posts.  The ability to walk where you want to go or take a bike somewhere.  The Natural Food Co-op, the Crest Theatre, the Jazz Jubilee,  McKinley Park, Sacramento Memorial Auditorium,  The Tower Theater and cafe, I could go on.  What’s not to love?

5.  Sacramento’s Beat Reporting.  I am not talking about Fox40, CBS Sacramento, KCRA, Sacramento Bee or News10. I am talking about Sacramento Press, ranSACkedmedia and Sacramento News & Review.  I respect these writers immensely for digging deep into any controversy and bringing it to all of us.  Thank you to  Isaac Gonzalez, Cosmo Garvin and Jared Goyette to bring to light the news that our “news organizations” do not. Follow them on Twitter:  @SacramentoPress @SacNewsReview @ranSACkedmedia

4.  Sports.  Yes we do have sports teams.  Basketball, minor league baseball, tennis, soccer, women’s and men’s football.  Plenty of teams to root for that represent Sacramento.  I realize there has been a lot of negative press about the City, NBA, the Maloofs and our arena, however we still have a team at this time and hopefully they will stay in Sacramento for those fans of the team.

3. William Land Park.  One of my favorite spots since I was a child.  It’s beautiful.  Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town, and the Rock Garden.  Places to play soccer, baseball, softball plus a wading pool.  Great for large family outings and picnics too!

2. The River.  The Sacramento Marina, the Sacramento river, and the American River.  Restaurants on Garden Highway, events, boating, rafting.  Not a lot of cities have what we Sacramentans have.  We are very fortunate.

And finally the number one item for my “What is Right with Sacramento” countdown….drum roll please.

1. You, Me, The Community.  You got it folks, us.  The play structure at McKinley park is a prime example.  The Sacramento community is already raising money to rebuild what an arsonist took from the kids.  That is what we do.  That is how we roll.  We are there for those who need help regardless of what our economic situation is.  When the chips are down, this city rallies to help those who are in need or hurt or suffering some time of personal devastation.  Makes me a proud resident of Sacramento.

Finally,  I believe that our community is a myriad of diversity, culture, and history. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in the “river city.”  Our history spans from the pre 1850’s to the present.  We are proud of what others have done to build this community before got here.  We as the current community will do our part to make Sacramento the city it is and what it will be in the future.  To those naysayers who believe our city stinks, to you I say whatever.  Keep your chin up Sacramento!


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  1. I agree Kelly. I love Sacramento. More to love….we’re in the middle of everything….one hour to Lake Tahoe, one hour to San Francisco. We have all the beautiful seasons. Great water sports and great golf courses….who could ask for more. You go Sacramento!!!!


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