Personal Stories

MY “SPEEDY GONZALEZ.” Written 2009.

Today was a pretty relaxing day.  Got up, went to work out, did a little grocery shopping and hung out with my sister and my son.  During our random conversation, there was this mother and her daughter at the pool.  The little girl had to be maybe three years old, but she was so cute.  She was really afraid to jump from the side of the pool into the water, but she wanted to be in the water.  Talk about a conflicted child!  The mom was phenomenal.  I would have totally lost my patience.  She talked to her daughter calmly while the little girl was in complete meltdown mode.

This prompted a conversation of the things that my sister remembered when my son was little.  Even things that I did not recall.  She remembered a time when my son was a toddler and he decided to “pack up” and leave.  He was mad for some reason.  I should have known then he would be an incredibly moody kid.  He grabbed a little suitcase, packed a football and didn’t even close it.  Opened the front door and said “I am a big boy now.”  Of course, he didn’t leave.  Cute.  I recall when it was bedtime and he wanted to play a bit more.  “I didn’t get a chance to play!”  He played all day long.  He used to love Thomas the Tank Engine.  Literally, he was obsessed with trains.  He had train bedding, train clothes.  You name it, he had it.  He couldn’t say my sisters name so he used to call her “Auntie Bacon.”  That one used to make me howl.  My sisters would try to get him to sing the Winnie the Pooh song.  When you get to the lyric that stated “stuffed with fluff,”  he would say “fuff” because he couldn’t pronounce it.

Somewhere I have an old VHS tape of my son getting ready for his first Halloween night.  He decided to be Speedy Gonzalez.  He wore khaki shorts which I sewed a little tail to it, a red bandana, white t-shirt and a Chevy’s sombrero with brown ears sewed to each side.  He ran around yelling “ondalay, ondalay!”  He told me his nose was ticklish when I was painting the whiskers on his face.  I love hearing “Mommy, your tickling me.”  He would wear a cape and Batman cape around the house all the time as well.  It didn’t have to be Halloween, trust me.  I have so many precious memories of my son, that this post could go on and on. I do have one last memory that to this day, I start to cry.  This sounds silly, but it’s true.

When my son was a small child, he and I would go on small little road trips.  Our personal adventures.  During that time, the band Oasis had a song called “Wonderwall.”  My son loved that song.  He would sing it to me in the car all the time when he heard it.  To this very day I can be sitting at my desk at work, in the car, working out with my iPod on and when I hear that song, I begin to cry.  I remember that beautiful little boy singing to his Mommy his favorite song.  He is 18 now, and starts college in two weeks.  I am so very proud of his accomplishments even in the face of great adversity.  I love him very much and he will always be my little boy.