Personal Stories

Miss Mandy. Written 2010.

Today marks close to 1 year ago that my Mandy passed away.  I know to some that this may sound ridiculous, but I miss her daily.  Mandy was a part of my life for sixteen and a half years.  A black and tan standard dachshund.  She was one of the most vivacious, fun, and stubborn weenie dog on this earth.

Mandy was my birthday present on New Years Eve.  I remember when I visited the breeders home and these puppies were sleeping….except Mandy.   She waddled at 6 weeks old and started to chew my hand.  I thought this is it….this is the dog I must bring home.

The name.  I know….Mandy.  However, if I was to ever have a daughter, the plan was I was going to call her Amanda.  Well, I had a son instead.  Therefore, Mandy my weenie dog became the daughter I never had.  I recall the first few weeks that she slept in a blanket next to my side of the bed with a wind up clock.  The constant hum of the ticking reminded her of her Momma for some weird reason. It became abundantly clear that this dog wanted to sleep with me.  Not my ex-husband of course, hence the “ex” title.

Mandy loved food.  She was stealth near the dinner table.  I have a photo of this dog with her front paws on the table, sitting at the chair trying to steal pizza.  Mandy has managed to remove a Willie’s chili cheese dog from a plate on the living room coffee table and inhaling it without getting cheese or chili on the carpet.  She adored hot dogs (weird), french fries – anything that said “heart attack,” she loved.

She was my lap dog.  I miss that.  Sometimes when I get home I miss her pitter patter of her paws.  She always knew when I was not feeling well or depressed.  Mandy raised the bar pretty high for my new dog Pepper.   Pepper is loving and fun, but not calming and chill like my old Mandy.   She loved to play but when she got older, it just got so hard for her.

Mandy developed acute kidney failure.  Her poor little kidneys just couldn’t take it anymore.  The hardest part about saying good-bye to her in May was her barking at the other dogs in the waiting room.  As if she could still take them on, although internally she was going through hell.  To this day, I will never forget the look on her face when I gave her to Dr. Jones.  It just about killed me emotionally.  There was a lot of tears, but I knew that this was the right thing to do so she wouldn’t suffer anymore.  It would not have been fair.

Mandy was a wonderful creature who will always be greatly missed.