Facebook Drama. Written Spring 2012.

I am a frequent Facebook user.  Actually I am an abuser.  I will admit I like the user interface of it AT TIMES….although there are those other times when I can’t get stuff to synch with it and it really pisses me off.  Facebook is useful to catch up with old friends and family.  I have family members who live across town, Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina.  I have friends that are across this great divide as well.  So for me it’s great.  Here are a few things that just get under my craw about Facebook in general and its users.

Why bother using Facebook as a medium to connect with others when you have to ban specific posts from people?  I can certainly understand if the content should not be viewed for some under the age of 13.  I have done that because I don’t want my family to call me and say, “About that post.”   However I find it disingenuous or/and cowardly to block people who YOU’VE friended in the first place from certain posts, comments, photos, videos, whatever it shall be.  What’s the point?  What are you afraid of?  If it’s from your thought process, your brain, and your place in life – why give a rats shit?  It’s on the internet anyway right?

Here’s another pet peeve of mine.  Veiled shitty references from others about what you’ve posted online.  Really?  What are you fucking twelve?  Newsflash – you’re just not that brilliant and/or special.  Maybe that person has the same interests as you.  Maybe they just wanted to share something to their friends and family.  If you’ve got a problem with me or with what I’ve posted – either call me on it like a big boy or girl or SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Putting veiled references to me (and I know it’s about me, I am not fucking stupid) is just plain ass stupid and shows the caliber of your thought process.   This in my intellectual assumption is not much.

My last pet peeve and it’s a biggie.  Why do family members block other family members from seeing their lives if they had a “tiff” or argument?  Please add the issue of “Did you see what SHE put on Facebook?”  to family/friends/whatever to this mix as well.  Seriously this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve encountered.  It’s happened to me.  I think there is something seriously systemically wrong with a family member that goes out of their way to hurt others by “blocking” them from their lives.  Quite frankly I find a big “Fuck You” and insulting.  It’s childish, selfish and cowardly.  Find a back bone and settle your dispute with your family member (or friend) instead of hiding behind the “power of blocking.”  In other words……GROW UP.

That is all of my Facebook Drama rant for now.  I am sure something else will bug the shit out of me in the future.


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